Shires of Moora and Merredin

Lead Organisation: Wide Open Agriculture

Wide Open Agriculture is Western Australia’s leading organic and regenerative food company a vertically integrated food and agriculture business. They seek strong, sustainable financial returns and are committed to making a positive impact on the communities and ecosystems in which they operate.

Their goal is to create opportunities to revitalise the Wheatbelt, to help restore the ecosystem, to ensure long-term productivity, to encourage people back to the region and to inspire diverse, vibrant communities. To do this, they have adapted Commonland’s 4 Returns into a unique business framework:

  • Social Capital: Bringing back jobs and creating new business opportunities
  • Natural Capital: Restoring biodiversity, soil health and water quality
  • Financial Capital: Realising long-term sustainable profit
  • Inspiration: Giving people hope and a sense of purpose


Focused on identifying a second location for the next protected cropping site close to their current shade house in Arthur River, WOA required a community review and analysis of the Shires of Moora and Merredin that identified each Shires capacity to support a population increase through an increased labour force.

Our process and outcomes

Mapping Toolkit
We mapped the social and economic infrastructure of both the Shires of Moora and Merredin.

Community Engagement
We engaged with the community to develop a capability and capacity assessment.

Strategic Recommendations
Taking the results of the community engagement we provided a social and economic assessment to WOA with strategic recommendations and identification of opportunities for implementation.