Shire of Morawa

Lead Organisation: Shire of Morawa

Located 370km north of Perth in the Wheatbelt region of Western Australia, Morawa is a proud and inclusive agricultural community. Morawa was founded on broad acre farming, which continues to form the backbone of its local economy. In addition to agriculture and active mining operations, Morawa has seen significant growth in the areas of education, training, health services and government administration. This reflects the increasing level of services offered by Morawa and relates to Morawa’s role as a centre for the North Midlands region and its proximity to both Perth and Geraldton.

Former Supertown status resulted in significant government investment in the town centre revitalisation, new residential estate and a new light industrial estate.

Morawa has a rich blend of historic and modern attractions scattered throughout the town and boasts excellent tourism facilities and attractions, particularly during the wildflower season with trails along Wildflower Way.

With a local population of 758 people, the Morawa community is a robust and proactive community, with strong leadership and community connectedness traits throughout. Morawa is actively focused on looking for opportunities to bring increased population to the community and industry by way of job creation.


The Shire of Morawa (Shire) was keen to develop something that was tangible, realistic and achievable with its community. For the Shire, population stability with an opportunity for growth was, and continues to be an important priority.

Our process and outcomes

Community Engagement
In the first instance a SWOT analysis around the community and the opportunities/threats that a repopulation plan/strategy could provide was undertaken. We engaged with the community to develop a capability and capacity assessment to meet and understand the broader Morawa community and assess their appetite and ‘buy in’ for a Morawa Community Regeneration project. We were focussed on identifying key stakeholders to drive the project, assess the ‘entrepreneurial’ spirit for innovative projects, ascertain interest in, and commitment to, community regeneration initiatives and how the current activities of the group/s might intersect with regeneration activities

Strategic Recommendations
Taking the results of the community engagement we identified opportunities/gaps for further development and exploration and identified potential project partners.

Advisory and project support
Our ongoing work with the Shire provides project development and advisory support.