Our Services

Our Services

Intake Assessment

A free online assessment has been developed to provide us with a snapshot of your community and whether RRA’s partnership approach to working with regional communities is complimentary.
You can take the assessment here.

Mapping Toolkit

We have developed a toolkit that helps us gather the necessary information to map the social and economic infrastructure in your area that will underpin implementation.


Community Engagement

We work with the community to undertake a capability and capacity assessment.

Strategic Recommendations

Taking the results of the community engagement and feasibility stages we work with you to tailor a specific strategy that properly incorporates the unique social, cultural and economic dynamic of your community.

Project Administration

We can provide administrative and logistical support for implementation.

Advisory and Project Support

We can coach, support and advise the key project participants and managers throughout the entire process.

Community Education, Outreach and Facilitation

Workshop facilitation as well as connecting the community to expertise across community development, industry innovation and population attraction and retention.