Our Partners

Commonland, a globally focussed landscape restoration organisation, have supported the Regional Regeneration Alliance since its conceptualisation in 2017. Headquartered in Amsterdam, and partnering with organisations across the globe, Commonland aims to support the rehabilitation of degraded landscapes and the rejuvenation of communities through a holistic, long-term and scaleable approach that generates 4 Returns – Social, Environmental, Inspiration and Financial.

Commonland’s holistic restoration approach combines and connects different landscapes throughout the world, with flagship landscape-level initiatives in The Netherlands, Spain, South Africa and Western Australia.

The establishment of the Regional Regeneration Alliance and the Regenerative Agricultural Technical Feasibility Study – Buntine is supported by the State Government’s Royalties for Regions program.

Impact Seed is Western Australia’s peak capacity builder for impact investment and social enterprise development. Its role is in market development on both supply and demand sides for impact investment with government, not-for-profits, corporates, foundations and family offices. Impact Seed’s vision is to develop a thriving and innovative impact investment and social enterprise market in WA that leverages this state’s greatest strengths, Partnering with the Regional Regeneration Alliance is an important element in Impact Seed’s strategy to develop a regenerative agriculture, farm forestry, and regional innovation investment framework.

Meshpoints focus on operational support for governments, industry and community to grow innovation in the regions of Western Australia. We are based in the South West region and actively support the 9 regions of WA through a variety of differing projects and partnerships. Meshpoints aims to create a generative and sustainable means of growing regional innovation and capacity across WA. Their mission is to provide practical support to local innovation facilitators who deliver social benefits to WA regional communities. Meshpoints values social benefit, collaboration, enabling others, and approaches that are sincere and sustainable.