Commonland – Shire of Merredin Project

Lead Organisation: Regional Regeneration Alliance in partnership with Wide Open Agriculture

Headquartered in Amsterdam and partnering with organisations across the globe, Commonland aims to support the rehabilitation of degraded landscapes and the rejuvenation of communities through a holistic, long-term and scaleable approach that generates 4 Returns – Social, Environmental, Inspiration and Financial.

Commonland’s holistic restoration approach combines and connects different landscapes throughout the world with flagship landscape-level initiatives in The Netherlands, Spain, South Africa and Western Australia.

Commonland believes that landscape restoration offers tremendous untapped opportunities for sustainable economic development. Their goal is to transform degraded and depopulated landscapes by developing inspirational solutions that will create new jobs and business opportunities; secure local food supplies; and restore biodiversity, soil and water quality.
In Western Australia, Commonland partners with the Regional Regeneration Alliance, the University of Western Australia’s Centre for Social Impact, Sustain: the Australian Food Network, RegenWA and Wide Open Agriculture.


To further develop opportunities and projects identified in the ‘social and economic assessment’ of the Shire of Merredin commissioned by Wide Open Agriculture in 2018. To explore, identify and partner with any stakeholders identified through the assessment and develop initiatives that fulfil the objectives of the Regional Regeneration Alliance.

Our process and outcomes: Active Project